Welcome to the website for the campaign to save Freeman’s Wood from developers SATNAM and their employers, The Property Trust from London.



  1. Just a brief comment to show my support and to keep in contact with events.

    • Thanks Nigel. Response noted!

  2. My family first moved to 12 Long Marsh lane Lancaster in1876, Williams Brown was Forman warehouseman at Williamson’s my grate grandfather and his brother worked all there working lives at Williamson’s and between them had 127 years service to the one company , Freeman’s wood was were they spent there leisure time My grandfather John James Brown born July 1894
    was known as the man of the Quay he spent his childhood first going to school at the St Georges School on the side of the River Lune and spending his childhood roaming the Freeman’s wood area. I was born on the Marsh and the wood was a big part of my childhood we spent most of our free time in the wood and along the river bank ,( dawn to dusk.)
    Please keep up the fight to keep the wood for the people of Lancaster and for our future generations.
    Peter Brown

  3. The word Freeman as in Freeman of Lancaster,indicates that this piece of Royal Marsh {original name for the Marsh area} was given for Freemen of Lancaster to graze their sheep.This dates back hundreds of years and should be registered at the Records Office in Preston

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