Posted by: jonbarry145 | March 13, 2012

Lyrical graffiti

There are clearly some very well-read people on the Marsh. The picture below is a version of an English folk poem from around 1764. Have a look here for some other versions.

First verse of 1764 poem that has appeared (as if by magic) on the Freeman's Wood site.

This poem was penned around the time that many commons, which everyone could use, were being ‘confiscated’ into private ownership. Laws such as those about the registering of village greens and rights of way are, sadly, some of the few remaining rights of ownership of land ‘by the people’.

A less subtle though, in my opinion, equally valid piece of graffiti has also appeared.

Straight to the point

Straight to the point!



  1. Brilliant say it how it is!! Also like the verse of the poem. Sad to see the issues of the 18th centuary are still being played out today. How much more of our common land will we have to fight for just so we can live harmoniously with nature and experience green space. Well bring it on!!!

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