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SATNAM’s development proposal to the City Council

SATNAM is the name of the planning consultants acting for The Property Trust, the owners of the Freeman’s Wood site. In September 2011, SATNAM produced a document (see bottom of the post) outlining their plans for the site. This has been sitting in an obscure corner of the City Council’s website since then (as a ward councillor, I am none too pleased with not having this pointed out to me until I specifically asked if such a document existed).

One of two proposals by SATNAM (the other one has reduced new 'playing fields' - see the document at the bottom)

As you will see, SATNAM is proposing a massive development, which includes building houses all over Coronation Field, off Willow Lane. They propose ‘relocating’ the existing playing fields to the far corner of the site. This would be too far away for most people to use them and the club-house for Marsh United would be completely open to vandalism. As you can guess, this proposal is completely unacceptable to me and, I’m sure, most local people.

Apart from anything else, Coronation Field is an incredibly important space for people on the Marsh. The area was given to the people of the Marsh by Lord Ashton (Williamson) and was formerly used as a tip for the lino factory. A huge project took place in the early 1950s where the site was levelled by volunteer labour (if you know the size of the field, that is an awful lot of wheelbarrows!). The field was named after the 1953 coronation of the present queen.

Jon Barry

SATNAM proposal sept 2011



  1. The line in the proposal that the site “has no value to the local community” makes my blood boil!! Also how can they submit proposals for Coronation Field? Property Trust certainly do not own the field. These planning applications have been sat with the council for some time, yet Council Leader, Eileen Blamire, has washed her hands of the destruction of the local environment by stating that it has “nothing to do with the Council”.

  2. There seems to be a gap in the history of this site: it lies between it being ‘given to the people of the Marsh’ and being in the ownership of SATNAM. What happened in between?

  3. Two general comments

    1) wouldn’t the building be on the flood plain? Aren’t there new planning regulations restricting building on flood plains.

    2) why build new light industry areas when half of Lune Industrial estate looks under utilised? We drove round it the other day looking for a wood merchants which has either gone or we just couldn’t find and the whole place is a mess. Shame it used to be a thriving area in years gone by.

  4. In terms of the flood plain comment. This may be true, but the recent flood defences will, unfortunately, have made the site more viable.

    The plan by SATNAM is not a planning application (yet); it was a suggestion to the city council to try to make the council put this site down as one that could be allocated for housing. Currently, it is green space / woodland opportunity.

    You are right, SATNAM could only carry out their plan with the Council’s permission – becasue the Council owns Coronation Field.

  5. If Lancaster City Council own Coronation Field, have they agreed to sell it to the developers? SATNAM must be pretty sure that they can obtain ownership or they wouldn’t waste money on plans and applications. Have the council come to an agreement with them. Has this by any chance got anything to do with the city council’s need for cash to pay for the Marketgate fiasco?

  6. There has been no agreement to sell Coronation Field and i really don’t think there would be. I suspect that planners didn’t warn SATNAM off this course of action strongly enough, but i don’t know about this for sure. The plan was submitted by SATNAM to try to get the land allocated for housing – it isn’t an actual planning application. It isn’t related to the Marketgate issue. Parts of the Council aren’t that good at talking to each other for a start!

    Jon Barry

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