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Town Green application

Town Green extra information (for website)

The Town Green application was sent to the County Council in October. The attached document is part of the application and gives a flavour of the legal aspects of it. I’ve removed some sensitive parts – names of people giving evidence and also bits that might be better kept secret at this point. Thanks to everyone who provided evidence (that’s 69 of you!).

Jon Barry

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Freemans Wood and Coronation Field update

Freeman’s Wood update 5th July 2012

For those people at the meeting at the community centre on Sunday, we said that we would update people about what happened at the cabinet meeting concerning the situation of Freemans Wood and Coronation Field in the local plan. Previously, planners were intending to lump Freemans Wood and Coronation Field together in a way that would allow SATNAM (the potential developers) to propose a project that would potentially mean that they could build houses on Coronation Field and then create a new playing field on the Freemans Wood land.

From the cabinet meeting it seems that things have changed now in that this is not now the case and that Coronation Field and the adjoining Council woodland has been taken out of the potential development area. It is still not totally crystal clear but we will have time to be completely sure about it before the Full Council meeting on July 18th. We need to read the document very thoroughly and maybe add a sentence to finally seal the situation up. The good news is that we seemed to have political agreement from Labour cabinet members (and, we suspect, from other political parties) on the need to protect Coronation Field So, as it stands, there doesn’t seem to be a need for any lobbying at the moment.

Once the planning situation has been dealt with, then the Friends of Freemans Wood and Coronation Field group will need to consider what it wants to do next. One possibility is to start work on getting Freemans Wood into public and/or community ownership. We have the Marsh Community Centre booked for Sunday 15th July at 6pm for the next meeting. Please come if you want to be involved and to take back control of your community!

Cllr Tracey Kennedy
Cllr Jon Barry
Cllr Melanie Forrest

Round one of the fight for local interests in the latest war against unpopular corporate redevelopment has, thanks to Lancaster City Council, gone in favor of the protection of green spaces over negligent and roughshod work by corporate contractors – Freeman’s Wood 1: SATNAM 0 !!

Virtual Lancaster News Blog: Freeman’s Wood – TPO upheld at Appeal Hearing.

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TPO victory

Council’s appeals committee upheld the TPO order at their meeting today – despite The Property Trust bussing in an expensive tree consultant, who tried to considerably reduce the area covered by the TPO. Well done to the 74 people who wrote in to support the TPO and the people who turned up at the Town Hall today. There will be plenty more battles to fight – but nice to win the first one!




An Appeals Committee meeting is due to take place on Monday, 23 April 2012 at 2.00 p.m. at Lancaster Town Hall to consider the appeal against Tree Preservation Order No. 496 (2011).

Supporters of the TPO who emailed the council to express their concern over the violation of the TPO by SATNAM’s  contractors have been invited to attend the appeals committee hearing on Monday but for everyone else, there has been a demonstration organised by members of the Green Party and Occupy starting at 1.15 outside Lancaster town hall. In the words of one Occupier:

“Those not on the invite-list into the [Mon 23rd April, 2pm Council] meeting can still play their part by showing councillors and the press how strongly local people matter. These things are the thin end of a wedge. Each loss makes the wider public cynical and hopeless. So if you care about local green space, this matters.”

For more info on the TPO, see Lancaster Guardians article ‘Bid to save city centre woodland’ published online on Friday 20th April, in the Media Coverage category of this blog.


Friday 20th April, 2012

Bid to save city centre woodland – News – Lancaster Guardian.


Virtual Lancaster News Blog: Freeman’s Wood TPO Appeal – Asbestos questions?.


Developer pursues plans for homes on much-loved wood – News – Lancaster Guardian.

A really well written and lovely blog by Unicycle Emptiness on Freeman’s Wood and some great pictures too – well worth a read:

Freeman’s Wood-a romantic name for a soulless concrete future | Unicycle Emptiness.

Worrying article from Virtual Lancaster about the damage that is being done to trees that are supposedly under TPO’s (tree preservation orders), fly-tipping and also potential toxic waste that has been unearthed since the fence went up:

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